Pricing Plans


VPS Standard

Ideal for personal websites


Monthly Plan €9.95/mo

CPU Cores: 1
Disk Space: 25GB SSD
RAM capacity: 2GB
Bandwidth: Flat ∞
1 Free IP Address
Only Linux, No Control Panel

VPS Enhanced

Ideal for small business or companies


Monthly Plan €24.95/mo

CPU Cores: 4
Disk Space: 125GB SSD
RAM capacity: 4GB
Bandwidth: Flat ∞
2 Free IP Address
Cpanel control panel, optional

VPS Grow

Ideal for bigger websites with high traffic


Monthly Plan €49.95/mo

CPU Cores: 6
Disk Space: 350GB SSD
RAM capacity: 12GB
Bandwidth: Flat ∞
2 Free IP Address
Cpanel control panel, optional

VPS Ultimate

Ideal for websites that need high capacities


Monthly Plan €79.95/mo

CPU Cores: 8
Disk Space: 500GB SSD
RAM capacity: 16GB
Bandwidth: Flat ∞
2 Free IP Address
Cpanel control panel, optional




100% Uptime Guarantee

Give your website the home it deserves and your customers the speed they'll love! Enjoy 100% website uptime and ultra-fast page load speeds all year long.

Safe & Secured Servers

We run secure servers managed 24/7/365 by our technical team. Plus, all our servers use SSL Encryption and are equipped with the latest back up and security software.

Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team provides help round the clock - free of charge! Contact us with your web hosting questions. We're always happy to help you.

Best Infrastructure

Why go virtual?

Let's go virtual!

Olivia Newton John may have had a huge hit with ‘Let’s Get Physical”, but a few decades on, we’re living in the world of I-Clouds and Virtual Reality, and appreciate the benefits of not having to have everything physical. Just think of e-mail, Skype, online banking and Google as compared to having to post letters, attend meetings, stand in bank lines and consult encyclopedias. Replacing a physical computer with a virtual one has multiple advantages. Let’s start with the savings in cost. You don’t have to buy a physical server, don’t have to set up a whole data center.

A virtual server saves time, allowing you to respond almost instantly to any requests or orders. It increases uptime, making it possible to move quickly and easily from one server to another, which has far-reaching applications and benefits. Virtual servers offer high availability – you can be online nearly 100% of the time – as well as live migration, storage migration, fault tolerance and distributed resource scheduling.

Virtual servers improve disaster recovery, which not only saves you worry but also saves money. It also saves energy, since physical servers requires energy to run and to cool. And it saves space – whether you’re working from an office business center or from your own home.

Unmanaged or managed?

Once you’ve decided to use a virtual server, you still need to decide whether to have an unmanaged or a managed server. Unmanaged is cheaper and gives you complete freedom, but that includes the freedom of having to sort out all your own problems. The hoster maintains the server and will reboot if necessary and replace failed components, but he doesn’t install anything or provide software support. Unless you’re confident in your OS skills, it might be worth getting a managed server, which can even be more cost effective.

With a managed server, the hoster offers support for every problem, whether it’s an emergency or a routine glitch. The operating system, control panel, server set up and pre-installed applications are managed, and there is automatic backup and monitoring. Clients can set up their domains and mailboxes, but the web hosting company is responsible for the configurations and maintenance of the server.

Managed hosting provides constant support and security and makes things much easier for the client. E-hosting can help you make the best choice that will meet your company’s needs, and whichever way you go, we’re here to ensure things run smoothly. If you do want to give unmanaged a try and it proves to be more hassle that you first thought, you’re welcome to switch to a managed server at any time. We’re here to help and support you.