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Select the 3-year VPN plan and get a 65% discount. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Plan for 3 years

€360.00 €126.00 billed every 3 years



Plan for 2 years

€251.00 €105.60 billed every 2 years



Plan for 1 years

€122.03 €72.00 billed every year



Plan for 1 month

€10.00 billed every month




* The 3-year VPN plan carries the biggest savings and is refundable 30 days after signing up.

What is a VPN?

Virtual Private Networks protects data online using encryption on your online traffic and hiding your real IP Address in order to achieve a secure online experience. A VPN does this by connecting your devices to a Private Network that lets you to share data like (emails, online banking & video streaming) and do this safely.


Online privacy you can’t live without!

Why Browse the Web on a VPN?

Get secure access online, no matter your location

Conceal your real IP Address and control your privacy

Avoid espionage and tracking on public Wi-Fi

Maintain your online activities and data confidential

One account, all devices

No need to purchase VPN subscriptions individually for your phone and PC. Secure up to six devices at the same time, with just one E-Hosting VPN plan. Our service is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and your Wi-Fi router.

Safeguard yourself from cybercriminals and tracking bots

A VPN Assures Privacy & Security Online

Safeguards Data with Encryption

The VPN for PC and other devices safeguards your data while online using Military Grade AES-256 Encryption and SHA-256 Hash Authentication. Put your mind at ease with this technology that lets you browse online securely without the fear of your data being intercepted by Companies, Government agencies and Hackers.

By-pass VPN Detection Systems

Many online websites use VPN detection systems to stop you from accessing content not available within your country. The best VPN can by-pass VPN detection systems by making your traffic seem as regular web traffic, giving you access to blocked content.

Your Data is Never Logged

Untrustworthy VPN suppliers often log data about their customers’ online behaviours which puts you and your data at risk. The best VPN is one that honours your right to privacy and does not collect or store data regarding your online behaviours.


VPN Providers often use Standard Protocol PPTP (Point-to-point tunnelling) to achieve protected Virtual Private Networks. However, these can risk your detection from sites with VPN detection systems. Our VPN for PC and other devices, operates PPTP and L2TP (Layer Two Tunnelling) which adds to your security and lets you browse undetected by VPN detection systems.

Lightning-Fast VPN Connection

The lightning - fast connection power our VPN Service provides is perfect for all online activities such as but not restricted to; Streaming, Data Transfers, Gaming, Downloading and Uploading Content. Due to multi-point connections in place, we assure you uninterrupted service when using the best VPN.

Open 40+ Servers World-wide

You not only browse anonymously from over 40 servers with the best VPN, you also can browse as a user in other countries as well. Get around Government and ISP Limitations when you change your country of origin to one of 30 locations we offer.

Fast & Secure VPN for all Your Needs

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We are ready to answer your questions about our VPN service

VPN Service Frequently Asked Questions

VPN is a shortening for Virtual Private Network. VPN serve to connect you to the Internet through a private network and hide your device IP address. This means you can browse the Internet without fear that your personal information will be intercepted by spammers or hackers who steal and sell data.
Learn about the advantages of VPNs for remote work on our blog.

When using a VPN online, data is sent over a secure encrypted connection that protects your data from prying eyes to ensure your online activities remain private.
To ensure your data is protected, we recommend users that undertake the following tasks begin using the best VPN as soon as possible:
⦁ Use Public Wi-Fi for Work or Open Personal Data
⦁ Do Online Banking or Shopping
⦁ Do Remote Work or Freelance Services
⦁ Handle sensitive customer data that needs protecting.

⦁ Choose you VPN plan
⦁ Create a new account or login to your existing  E-Hosting.lu account
⦁ Finish the checkout process
⦁ Download our VPN app for your PC and other devices then launch it
⦁ Select your location and get unrestricted access to your favourite content over a safe VPN tunnel.

Yes. Our VPN for PC works on a range of other devices such as tablet and mobile. With one subscription, you can use our VPN Service on one of each device at the same time.

⦁ Computer
⦁ Mobile Phone
⦁ Media/Gaming Console
⦁ Router

*Access our frequently asked library to get more answers to your questions. See FAQs.

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